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Serving Irvine, KY and the surrounding area.



Reece RV Repair realizes that many RVers traveling through the area have need of repairs on appliances or other items that are still under warranty. We also realize that local dealers are normally too swamped with their own warranty claims to accept additional warranty work on RVs not sold by them. Warranty Claims are a huge time investment for our entire team from start to finish. There is very little, if any, financial compensation from a warranty provider for all the extra labor time it takes for our team to process a warranty request.

Regardless of the warranty type (Extended Warranty / Appliance Warranty / Dealer or Manufacturer Warranty) most providers do not pay for service calls, shipping or disposal fees. They often cap the labor time and the labor rate as well. It is important to know that you will have out of pocket expense for our service to provide warranty repairs and process the paperwork. For this reason, we have a higher labor rate for warranty claims than we do for normal customer jobs that are paid promptly without extra office labor and paperwork. In order to process any warranty claim, the office needs the following:

  • Customer name, address, phone number (E-mail if available)
  • Name and phone number of the warranty provider
  • Vehicle Identification Number (17 digit VIN number)
  • Mileage if RV is a motor home
  • Customer Signature must be provided for the final paperwork.
  • Customer Credit Card number is needed before job is scheduled.

Very often, warranty providers or parts vendors do not return calls in a timely manner and the claim gets bogged down as a result. This makes our business appear to be incapable of providing prompt service. When this happens, we ask the customer to jump on board to make calls as we don’t have the man power in our office to continue to pursue the unresponsive party.


Our office is staffed and equipped to submit insurance estimates with supporting photos to insurance providers. When we submit an estimate to your insurance company, it includes the service call and diagnostic labor to inventory damages and get information for parts and materials. If temporary repairs are made on the diagnostic trip, the labor and materials are also on the estimate. Customer out-of-pocket expense for an insurance job is typically the deductible and sometimes depreciation, applied by the insurance company. Once we have submitted an insurance claim, it is up to the customer to contact us to let us know if the claim is approved or rejected. The amount of the diagnostic trip must be paid in full.


We do non-insurance related estimates for the customer and do our best to make the diagnostic trip as painless as possible.

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