RV Air Conditioner Maintenance Must Do’s

RV AC Repair

Air conditioners need maintenance on a regular basis. Yes, air conditioners are mostly self sufficient, but you should give them a good look to make sure all is well at least once a year. Depending on where and when you travel, you’ll want your air conditioners operating at peak efficiency. 

Outside Maintenance on Your RV Air Conditioner

Get yourself a ladder, and being careful where you step on the roof, give your A/C an up close and personal inspection. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, give us a call! 

Make sure that the plastic cover over the A/C is in good condition, and doesn’t have any cracks or splits in the plastic.

Not only does this cover provide a streamlined and semi-attractive appearance to the appliance, it serves another very important purpose: It helps keep rain water and snow from getting into the workings of the air conditioner, which would greatly shorten its functioning life span.

Damage From Mother Nature

The outer plastic cover might get damaged over time due to the sun’s UV rays, or physical trauma from being struck by low hanging branches.

Over a period of years, the effect of ultraviolet rays from the sun will actually weaken the plastic shroud to the point it may completely fall into pieces.

Look for Leaks and Water Intrusion

While you are on the roof, check that the air conditioner is securely mounted. There is a foam rubber gasket between the A/C and the roof. If the mounting is loose, rain water may find its way into your RV, often with disastrous consequences.

When water enters your camper, it will likely follow roof rafters and wall framing and come out somewhere you would least expect. Often you’ll think the leak started in another location, and would never figure to check the integrity of the gaskets around your RV’s air conditioner.

Fins Should Be Straight

Check the condition of the cooling fins too. Bent-over vanes will restrict air flow through the unit and greatly reduce the air conditioner’s cooling ability. If you have bent fins, you can use a comb or dull knife to straighten them out. Do be gentle because if you puncture the condenser tubes you have just turned your air conditioner into a boat anchor!

Inspect Your Air Conditioner From Inside the RV

Under the plastic shroud on the ceiling of your RV, you’ll will find one or two foam filter elements. These can be washed with warm soapy water and reused.

While you have the shroud off you should vacuum the area, trying to clean as far into any ductwork as possible.

Though there are a couple different brands and models of RV air conditioners, maintenance and annual care is pretty much the same for all of them.